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Female WWII pilots set eyes on Rose Bowl float

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A possibly apocryphal story about Dorothy “Dot” Lewis: When she was 13, in what would have been 1929 or 1930, she absconded from church with her Easter collection plate money and hightailed it to a nearby airstrip, where she demanded … Continue reading

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L.A. program targets homeless women veterans

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She once wore Army-issue green, then earned the rank of E-3 seaman in the U.S. Navy. But when Serwa Scorza left the uniform, insignia and base behind for civilian life, she fell out of step and lost her footing. By … Continue reading

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Back Home: Women warriors face daunting challenges in civilian life

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The fight to feel like a veteran weighs substantially on female soldiers returning from war, though their numbers have been historic, with more than 280,000 returning from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last decade. A News21 demographic analysis … Continue reading

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With graduation, Iraq student veteran transitions to her new life

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Four years of academia have prepared Iraq student veteran Jen Carver Comer for this moment, but it’s a bit intimidating, nonetheless. Continue reading

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Compton military vet, single mom gets new home

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Kamil Taylor-Diggs had always done things for herself — something she thought would never change, even when she found herself broke, unemployed and homeless in Las Vegas. “This was very stressful and frustrating because I had had a very nice … Continue reading

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Combat ban on women lifted: A look back, and reactions today

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As Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ends the ban on women serving in combat, here’s a look back at military service by women, as seen in vintage images, and a roundup of the reactions to the historic change. Continue reading

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Experiencing assault a possible risk factor for military suicide

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Military members who are raped or assaulted are much more likely to think about or attempt suicide, according to new research by the National Center for Veterans Studies. Continue reading

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Documentary: Stories of 100 military women deployed to Afghanistan

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A soldier returning from a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan caught sight of a young girl at her homecoming, and remarked how cute she was. She had not recognized her own daughter.
The story is one of thousands JulieHera DeStefano heard while creating her documentary, “Journey to Normal: Women of War Come Home.” Continue reading

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Veterans face residency hurdles using GI Bill at state schools

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In choosing to serve her country in uniform, Hayleigh Lynn Perez knowingly accepted a nomadic life. Now the former Army sergeant says she and thousands of other veterans trying to get a higher education are being penalized for that enforced rootlessness. Continue reading

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Oakland Iraq veteran finds meaning in music

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Veteran Emily Yates found rhythm in her soul while visiting Ghana. Continue reading

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