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Military sex abuse victims seek VA help

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More than 85,000 veterans were treated last year for injuries or illness stemming from sexual abuse in the military, and 4,000 sought disability benefits, underscoring the staggering long-term impact of a crisis that has roiled the Pentagon and been condemned by President Barack Obama as “”shameful and disgraceful.” Continue reading

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Marines report 333 sexual assaults, new prevention plan

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WASHINGTON — The Marine Corps on Monday released a plan aimed at preventing sexual assault and holding offenders and commanders accountable, noting that “despite our efforts, we have been ineffective at addressing and eliminating sexual assault.” Continue reading

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Survivors of sexual violence in the U.S. military speak out

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Carla Butcher joined the Navy within days of 9/11, and soon shipped out for Malta. But during her first hours there, she was raped by a fellow sailor — and spent the remainder of her four years in the service battling both post traumatic stress disorder and a military justice system that seemed set up to prove she was the guilty party. She was among about 200 survivors of military sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape who attended a Tuesday summit organized by the Service Women’s Action Network. Continue reading

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