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On 10th anniversary of invasion of Iraq, Fox company’s ‘Saints and Sinners’ count the cost

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It took years, anger severe enough to doom his marriage, and a recurring nightmare for Nick Lopez to acknowledge what the ground invasion of Iraq, which began on March 19, 2003, had cost him. Continue reading

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Roman Baca’s loving marriage gives room to ‘crazy ideas’

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Marine and ballet dancer Roman Baca and wife Lisa Fitzgerald share a dance all their own. Continue reading

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U.S. veterans on Iraq violence: From regret to detachment to ‘I hope things go well’

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Just months after the U.S. military departed, violence in Iraq is increasing. Hundreds of people have died in recent weeks in bombings and drive-by shootings, some claimed by al-Qaida insurgents.

How do the U.S. troops who fought in Iraq for nearly nine years, and in December completed withdrawing from what was supposed to be an emerging democracy, view the turmoil? What do they feel it means to the legacy of their time on the ground?

Associated Press reporters who cover military bases and communities in the U.S. asked some of those veterans. Continue reading

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