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Education benefits of the GI Bill

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Name: Servicemen’s Readjustment Act, or GI Bill Year: 1944 Eligibility: serving 90 days or more after Sept. 16, 1940 Benefits: up to 48 months; VA paid schools a maximum of $500 a year Number served: 8 million, or 50.5 percent … Continue reading

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Cal State University system helps vets move from battlefields to classrooms

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Transporting fallen troops from the battlefield can change one’s perspective. It certainly did for Benjamin Lopez. The 24-year-old former Marine, now a biology major at Cal State Northridge, went from an admittedly unmotivated student in high school to a serious … Continue reading

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Back Home: Out-of-state tuition often exceeds veterans’ GI Bill benefits

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Despite the promise of a free education through the Post-9/11 GI Bill, a News21 analysis found that 29 states have residency policies that force veterans to pay out-of-state tuition. The higher-education benefit pays all tuition, fees and a housing stipend … Continue reading

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Connecticut senator wants to remove GI Bill time limits

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Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal is proposing new federal legislation that would repeal what he calls unfair and arbitrary time limits under the GI Bill. Continue reading

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With graduation, Iraq student veteran transitions to her new life

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Four years of academia have prepared Iraq student veteran Jen Carver Comer for this moment, but it’s a bit intimidating, nonetheless. Continue reading

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Veterans face residency hurdles using GI Bill at state schools

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In choosing to serve her country in uniform, Hayleigh Lynn Perez knowingly accepted a nomadic life. Now the former Army sergeant says she and thousands of other veterans trying to get a higher education are being penalized for that enforced rootlessness. Continue reading

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Now a student, Iraq veteran helps others transition to campus life

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The Marine esprit de corps helped Jonathan Deras survive in Iraq. Transitioning alone from the military into both civilian and campus life wasn’t easy — and he now helps other student veterans make the switch. Continue reading

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Ohio colleges expand services for student veterans

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Some campuses are developing one-stop veteran services centers and other ways to better support thousands of veterans seeking degrees around Ohio as more troops return from overseas. Continue reading

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Colleges experiment with veterans-only classes

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As students in a George Washington University writing seminar introduce themselves around a table, they reveal far more intimate biographies than just name and hometown. One confesses to demons he struggles to control. Another says he’s here to find a community. “Forgive me,” an Iraq war veteran begins haltingly. “I have to use notes. I have a brain injury.” Continue reading

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Student veterans struggle as VA delays paychecks

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Loki Jones, an Army Special Forces veteran who served in Iraq, had to borrow money to pay his rent last spring. Now a student at the University of Colorado, Denver, his work-study check from the VA had arrived about three months late. Continue reading

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