Wives ‘Battling Bare’ for service members, veterans with PTSD

Ashley Wise was lonely, frustrated, hurt and angry.

A friend’s husband had committed suicide. She and her husband knew other soldiers who were struggling. And her family had been ordered to have no contact with her with her husband for 72 hours, due to pending domestic assault charges. She felt her words had been twisted when she reached out for help.

She posted a photo of her bare back, emblazoned with a pledge to help her husband — and Battling BARE, Inc. was born. The effort aims to raise awareness of service members and veterans who need help with post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

Read a letter from Ashley Wise about her inspiration here.

Read in the Business Insider about how her photo started a movement here.

Read more about her story and the issue of service members and veterans with PTSD in the Huffington Post.





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