Veterans Job Corps bill suffers defeat in Senate

Legislation to create a Veterans Job Corps suffered a major defeat Wednesday afternoon after Republicans successfully blocked the bill’s advance with a budgetary point of order.

The Senate voted 58 to 40 largely on party lines in favor of waiving the procedural objection, short of the three-fifths majority needed. Republicans said the bill was in violation of the Budget Control Act, prohibiting new programs that would add to the deficit.

“They’re going to kill it on a technicality,” Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), one of the bill’s co-sponsors, said on the floor before the vote. “That’s the bottom line here. That’s what’s going on here, and it’s sad.”

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) said GOP concerns were about the $1 billion price tag for the program over five years.

Read more about the bill and its failure to advance in the Senate.

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  • ImPayingAttention

    Remember in November!

  • lolvincitomnia

    I’d highly recommend anyone read the full text of this sham “jobs” bill, as there were no jobs provided. The bill number is S3457. The bill appropriates $1 billion, and it states that vets (only current Iraq & Afghanistan war vets) may use computers to search for jobs at “public employment centers” which they are already allowed to, there is no cost for vets to use the computers at what are the department of unemployment and training offices in each of our fifty states, again, none of that billion is used for that. Then the bill makes mention that the Dept of Justice and Dept of Homeland Security will be allowed to “access” the funding, but only 10% at the most… just who is going to oversee that, and make sure the same Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano who feel entitled to violate US law with impunity won’t raid what seems more than anything else, to be a slush fund, to not raid that billion to their heart’s content? Lastly the bill states there “might” be only $200 million given to an existing vets jobs program, providing temporary jobs to vets. What I told my senator was, this was not a jobs program, I wouldn’t have a problem with them appropriating the $200 million or even a full billion to give to an existing jobs program for veterans, goodness knows they, and the Gulf war and Vietnam war vets need help with jobs, but I don’t support one penny being used as a slush fund for the DoJ and DHS, and I don’t appreciate them exploiting and using our vets as a smokescreen. Patty Murray and her fellow corrupt democrats are a disgrace, shame on them for trying to insult our brave serving men and women.