White House: Veterans’ benefits would be safe from possible spending cuts

Veterans’ disability and education benefits, health care and counseling are all exempt from sequestration, according to a Friday report from the White House that spells out the harm that awaits defense and non-defense programs if a way isn’t found to avoid the across-the-board budget cuts.

In a good news/bad news report to Congress, the White House said it has determined the entire Veterans Affairs Department budget is exempt from sequestration, a decision that answers nagging questions about whether VA might still be at risk for administrative cuts that would have forced layoffs, pay reductions and travel bans.

The bad news for veterans is what happens to programs outside VA. In reviewing the report, the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee staff found that funding for Arlington National Cemetery, the American Battle Monuments Commission that oversees cemeteries overseas, and the Labor Department’s Veterans Employment and Training Service would all see their budgets cut under sequestration.

Read more about veterans’ benefits and the potential federal budget cuts.


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