Navy researchers try new therapy for PTSD

A research team at the Las Vegas Navy support center is breaking ground on a new way to treat war-stressed military personnel without relying on anxiety medication.

“Accelerated Resolution Therapy,” or ART, involves alternating periods of back-and-forth eye movement and talking. The conversation focuses on the traumatic scene experienced or the physiological sensations that go with it.

The aim is to integrate the traumatic memories into a “normal memory” to replace the repeated nightmares of veterans and others suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

According to  Carrie Elk, assistant professor and military liaison at the University of South Florida College of Nursing, eye movements “are really relaxing so it helps to detach the physiological response to the remembering of the scenes.”

Read more about research into ART in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.






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  • Mike Logan

    What a bunch of dung. Most vets eyes are already sensitive from their own gun fire flashes, exposions, lasers, etc. More whacko therapy to screw Vets out of the real help they need. I went through PTSD for six months and if they pulled this crap on me, I would have got up and walked out.