Initiative for America’s Vets: We’ve Got Your 6

Somebody asked me once if I was afraid of being “overrun by the enemy” after my helicopter crashed in Afghanistan in 2004.
It was a good question. I was trapped, upside down, in the wreckage of a Blackhawk helicopter a stone’s throw from the Pakistan border. In an area where rocket attacks and border incursions by insurgents were an everyday occurrence, I was an easy target.
But then I heard the whop whop whop of rotor blades. I heard a Super Cobra — an attack helicopter flown by U.S. Marines — passing overhead. Then a Blackhawk landed nearby to unload ground troops. It was clear that my fellow aviators were aware of my situation and were taking action.
I had no reason to fear; they had my “six”.

In the military, “I’ve got your six,” means, “I’ve got your back, and you’ve got mine.” It means we are all in this together.
The principle of togetherness exists beyond the battlefield. For military veterans who no longer don the uniform, the sense of loyalty and camaraderie persist into civilian life.
This spirit can bring people together toward a common mission.
So it is appropriate that “Got Your 6” is the name chosen for a new campaign to bring together civilians and veterans.

Read the full blog entry about the “Got Your Six” project on the Huffington Post, written by Chris Marvin, director of Civilian-Military Partnerships for ServiceNation.

Read about the effort in the Los Angeles Times’ Company Town blog.

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