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Colorado veteran: Yoga for Vets can ‘help find a sense of calm’

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Clay, a University of Colorado senior and Army veteran, joined a Yoga for Vets class to help him cope with stress. “The most enlightening thing I’ve discovered,” he said, “is that the only thing we can control in our lives is our breath.” Continue reading

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Meet America’s five quadruple amputees injured in Iraq, Afghanistan

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Five remarkable young men are learning to thrive as quadruple amputees after surviving severe injuries while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meet Brendan Marrocco, Todd Nicely, John Peck, Travis Mills and Taylor Morris. Continue reading

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Iraq veteran who lost all 4 limbs receives double-arm transplant

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Brendan Marrocco was the first soldier to survive losing all four limbs in the Iraq War, and doctors revealed Monday that he’s received a double-arm transplant.
Those new arms “already move a little,” he tweeted a month after the operation. Continue reading

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Soldier Tim Kenney: “You can’t keep a good dog down”

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The Colorado outdoorsman thought he was ready for the stress of war. He was wrong. But he would still do it all over again. Continue reading

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Pentagon: Active-military suicides almost one a day in U.S.

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Officials on the front lines of the suicide prevention fight are fighting back with a mix of outreach, local clinical help and programs that partner with the huge and plodding Department of Veterans Affairs. Continue reading

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PTSD, burn pits, unemployment, suicide risk: Veterans battling myriad challenges

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When Anthony Vidales walked out of a lie detector test as part of his application process at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, he wanted to cry. He failed, he said, due to his irregular breathing from burn pit exposure in Iraq. As he battles unemployment and negative stereotypes about veterans, he’s also challenged by PTSD. Continue reading

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Combat ban on women lifted: A look back, and reactions today

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As Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ends the ban on women serving in combat, here’s a look back at military service by women, as seen in vintage images, and a roundup of the reactions to the historic change. Continue reading

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Experiencing assault a possible risk factor for military suicide

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Military members who are raped or assaulted are much more likely to think about or attempt suicide, according to new research by the National Center for Veterans Studies. Continue reading

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Reflecting on war: Documentary explores life of ‘Restrepo’ photographer

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“Restrepo” photographer Tim Hetherington was lauded for his ability to capture human stories that deepened viewers’ perceptions of war. In the wake of his death while reporting on the Libyan civil war, a new documentary, “Which Way Is the Front Line from Here?” examines his life and work. Continue reading

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Arkansas Senate votes to study closure of veterans home

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The Arkansas Senate has voted to create a task force that will study replacing a state veterans home that closed last year. Continue reading

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