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New app helps veterans prepare for, record PTSD therapy

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Veterans and service members can record their PTSD therapy, listen to the conversation again later and take notes between sessions with a new free smartphone app developed by the military. Continue reading

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ABC News launches video series on veterans’ search for jobs

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ABC News will launch a new video series to shine a spotlight on the challenge tens of thousands of American veterans face finding jobs after they return from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Continue reading

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U.S. veterans on Iraq violence: From regret to detachment to ‘I hope things go well’

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Just months after the U.S. military departed, violence in Iraq is increasing. Hundreds of people have died in recent weeks in bombings and drive-by shootings, some claimed by al-Qaida insurgents.

How do the U.S. troops who fought in Iraq for nearly nine years, and in December completed withdrawing from what was supposed to be an emerging democracy, view the turmoil? What do they feel it means to the legacy of their time on the ground?

Associated Press reporters who cover military bases and communities in the U.S. asked some of those veterans. Continue reading

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Navy researchers try new therapy for PTSD

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A research team at the Las Vegas Navy support center is breaking ground on a new way to treat war-stressed military personnel without relying on anxiety medication. Continue reading

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West Virginia Medal of Honor recipient named to council

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West Virginia’s last surviving Medal of Honor recipient has been appointed to the state’s Veterans’ Council. Continue reading

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Veterans, military to try implants to better anchor prosthetics

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Researchers plan to test implanted devices to better anchor prosthetics worn by fighters who have lost limbs in war.
Today, military service members “have two, three or four limbs blown off who would have not lived in previous wars, and some of them have very short limbs,” said researcher Roy Bloebaum,
Continue reading

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Quadruple amputee soldier takes his first steps

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DALLAS – Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills lost all four limbs to an IED in Afghanistan on April 10.
But an inspiring video posted on his Facebook page last week shows him walking a track on his prosthetic legs, wearing a backpack, swinging one of his prosthetic arms, pulling a chain attached to a weight. Continue reading

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Disabled veterans wait for action on Oakland VA backlog

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Chris Munich, a former Marine who served in Iraq, is still waiting for any word on his disability claim – sixty days after a Veterans Affairs Fix-It event in San Francisco. Continue reading

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Emily Yates: A veteran in search of validation

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Sometimes it’s as subtle as an arched eyebrow. Other times it’s a full-on, in-your-face confrontation. No matter how the message is delivered, it grates on Emily Yates: You are not a “real” veteran. Continue reading

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Actor Charlie Sheen pledges $1 Million to USO

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When it comes to his support of the United Service Organization, Charlie Sheen is putting his money where his mouth is. This past Wednesday the actor donated $250,000 to the USO. The contribution is part of a larger donation plan … Continue reading

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